Rakuten Viki and FreakOut Join Forces to Bring Highly-Valuable Asian Content OTT Inventory to SEA Advertisers

Singapore, Dec 9, 2022 — FreakOut is pleased to announce their newly formed alliance with Viki, Asian content OTT giant, which will enable SEA advertisers to access Viki’s highly engaged and niche audience; Korean and Japanese drama viewers as well as K-pop fans. Over the last couple of years there has been a growing wave of cultural diffusion and an increased viewership of Japanese and Korean content around the world. Freakout’s advertisers will now be able to capture and connect with this coveted audience easily.
FreakOut and Rakuten Viki Partnership
Rakuten Viki, which was launched in 2007, has evolved to become the largest East Asian content library consisting of 900 titles. Every year, over a 100 new Japanese, Chinese, and Korean shows are added, making it the go-to platform for Asian entertainment. The platform has over 7 million fans in Asia alone – a unique audience profile of a female majority audience, with 60% of viewers being millennials.

Viki Content Librarysource: https://www.viki.com/

Top titles on this platform include
Tale of the Nine Tailed, I have a Love, and My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The observed persona of users on this platform is quite varied. Besides the love for Japanese, Korean, and other Asian content, interest profiles range from traveling, tech and gadgets, cosmetic and fashion, to video games, lifestyle and dining out.

FreakOut, Asia’s leading advertising technology company, known for their curation of premium publishers across SEA, further enhances their arsenal of premium OTT inventory and improves their access to quality viewers in Asia through this partnership with Viki . FreakOut aims to, with the help of its local presence across SEA, knowledge of APAC markets, and premium inventory, come up with solutions that connect the right brands to the right audiences in a deliberate, safe, and effective fashion. 

With this partnership, FreakOut is opening a different niche of audience to its advertisers while leveraging Viki’s loyal fanbase and audience metrics to create a seamless ad experience for both, advertisers and viewers alike. FreakOut will aim at helping Viki monetise their traffic by serving ads from premium brands and products on the platform while maintaining relevance to their viewer’s profile . On the other hand, Viki’s inventory will be available via FreakOut’s SSP, enabling advertisers to experience brand lift by showcasing their brand message in a highly viewable environment, to a highly engaged audience. In addition to that, advertisers can receive added insight and support from FreakOut to strengthen and fortify their campaign.

Chris Mottershead, Head of Media Partnerships APAC, Viki
With more and more users cutting the cord and changing their viewing habits to streaming it’s extremely important for Publishers like ourselves to work with Partners like FreakOut who can help us to connect our supply to a wider Ad ecosystem. Our Partnership will allow a wider cohort of advertisers to engage our audiences, providing them with a more engaging Ad experience and an increase in revenue for our platform.

Ken Yamane, Executive Officer APAC Advertising Div., FreakOut Holdings
We are honored and stoked to work alongside Viki as an official partner in the SEA region. This partnership is meaningful to us as it not only allows us to broaden our OTT network but also enables us to reach out to younger generations given the rise in popularity of Asian content among GenZs. We are very excited to offer Viki’s great content to our clients and leverage our presence in the market together!

“We are proud to be partners with Viki, one of the biggest OTT providers in the market today,” General Manager of FreakOut Philippines, Hazel Cabuay, expressed in regards to this partnership. “Viki allows millions of people to watch their favorite movies and shows, which are even translated to more than 200+ languages. FreakOut Philippines is looking forward to connecting this audience to advertisers and brands across the market.”

The steady growth of and love for Korean and Japanese content across the world is more than just a fad. The interconnectedness of the world we live in gives rise to cultural dissemination and appreciation – meaning K-pop, Korean dramas, and Japanese shows are here to stay. The massive fandom and following that Asian content garners has inevitably led to the formation of a unique, niche audience – an audience that has its own set of characteristics. Viki is a leading Asian Content OTT with a high concentration of this audience and FreakOut is thrilled to facilitate advertisers in connecting with the right audience on Viki.



About FreakOut

FreakOut is a global marketing technology company with programmatic solutions (DSP, SSP) that delivers in-feed display and video formats across global publishers. Headquartered in Singapore, FreakOut has 11 offices across 10 countries which include China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA. FreakOut is a part of FreakOut Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:6094) and oversees the investments for FreakOut. For more information, visit https://www.freakout.net/.

About Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki, based in the United States, streams content produced by Asian regions and is made available in 190 countries, translated into 200+ languages. Viki is a streamer with a huge library of Korean content, featuring series such as tvN’s “Love in Contract” (2022), Season 2 of “Yumi’s Cells” (2022), KBS2’s “Curtain Call” (2022-23) and Tving original reality show “Young Actors’ Retreat” (2022).
Visit https://www.viki.com

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