FreakOut is an innovative ad tech solution provider

Offering products for display, video, and YouTube ads. FreakOut’s digital advertising solutions are meticulously designed to help clients advertise their brands and products across all stages of the marketing funnel. Regionally headquartered in Singapore, FreakOut has 12 offices across 11 countries which include Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA.

With over a decade of experience and strong local presence, FreakOut's team consists of market experts who have the right tools and knowledge to create highly impactful and successful advertising campaigns that cut through the noise and deliver ads that local audiences can connect with. FreakOut’s premium publisher base enables brands to create a lasting impression and the halo effect of premium media allows audiences to trust these brands.

FreakOut is a part of FreakOut Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:6094) and oversees the investments for FreakOut.

Global Vision, Local Execution

Ecosystem Designer
Give People Work That Requires A Person
Fail Forward, Be Righteous, Be Impactful, Unbound Digital World

Keeping in mind our mission, “Give People Work That Requires A Person” and vision of ”Ecosystem Designer”, FreakOut’s goal is to deliver unique solutions that enable brand advertisers and publishers to succeed in their digital marketing initiatives. Through our solutions, brands can have a meaningful conversation by reaching the right audiences at the right time in the right way and with the right message.

Thanks to our global partnerships and understanding of local landscapes, we ensure that your ads are in good hands. Our dedicated FreakOut team will assist you throughout the entire process, from the initial setup to campaign fulfilment, where you achieve those highly coveted ROI numbers that you and your digital teams strive for.

Efficiency and transparency are the foundations of our beliefs, and we are certified by leading global third party verification tools.

Our Leadership

  • Director
    FreakOut Holdings

    Keiji Tokiyoshi

  • Executive Officer
    FreakOut Holdings

    Ken Yamane

  • Chief Technology Officer
    FreakOut Holdings

    Jiro Nishiguchi

  • Chief Executive Officer
    East Asia

    Risa Okada

  • Chief Executive Officer
    East Asia

    Koma Okubo

FreakOut Holdings

FreakOut Holdings is a global technology solutions group headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Established in October 2010 with a focus on the advertising and marketing technology industry, FreakOut Holdings transitioned to a holding company structure in January 2017. The company has since evolved into a tech solutions group across the fields of AdTech, MarTech, HRTech and FinTech.

Today, the business spans across13countries and 17cities in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, and our journey continues.

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