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  • Advanced Contextual Targeting

  • Brand Safety

  • Eliminate Waste

FreakOut has launched a nex-gen contextual targeting solution for videos. GP’s technology allows marketers to navigate YouTube’s vast and complicated video ecosystem.

Minimize wasted video ad spend

Why GP

Without GP15%of delivery on aligned content
With GP95%of delivery on aligned content

GP significantly eliminates targeting on content that is not suitable for your brand which improves user sentiment and brand relevance.

By understanding the content that users consume at a more granular level, GP is able to deliver more effective messaging for your brand, in a safe and suitable environment.

  • higher on-site engagement

  • of campaigns experience brand-lift

  • countries and 24 languages

  • videos analyzed per campaign

How it Works

This technology analyzes every aspect of video content, allowing brands to specify keywords, actions, and other variables to reach the most relevant content and audiences.

GP is able to understand content dialogue and/or video content that has the potential to damage a brand’s image and remove it.

FreakOut OTT NEW

FreakOut has launched a new video ad solution, FreakOut OTT (Over-the-top) . This is the one-stop OTT ad platform enables advertisers to deliver in-stream video advertising among premium video contents on the top OTT platforms in Asia.

Why OTT? OTT is the fastest growing media channel.

Stay-home practice due to Covid-19 pandemic have driven the rapid growth of OTT Platforms.
Over 180million people are already using OTT platforms in Southeast Asia, and many of them have favourably accepted ad-supported OTT platforms.

  • In Southeast Asia, 180 million people are on OTT platforms, where they spend 8 billion hours in a month. (Source: The Trade Desk, 2020)

  • Regionally, 100+ million people use ad-supported OTT platforms, and 89% of them willing to watch ads in exchange for free programming. (Source: The Trade Desk, 2020)

  • 35% of OTT viewers report making a purchase after seeing an ad during programming they watched. (Source: SpotX, 2021)

Why FreakOut OTT? One-stop and flexible OTT Ads platform.

Advertise across major OTTs adopting advertising model

FreakOut OTT allows you to reach out to the major OTT viewers in SEA at once, while targeting them by GEO, Demographic, Time, contents, etc.

CPM and CPCV models are available

You can pay for CPCV as well as CPM.If you select CPCV model, you will be able to predict the target number of completed viewings.

FreakOut Video

Besides FreakOut OTT, FreakOut offers a premium video advertising platform that helps advertisers to expand reach to target audiences across local premium media.

Why FreakOut Video

By supporting in-stream, out-stream and sticky formats, FreakOut Video ensures that your brand message gets delivered with full impact.

FreakOut Native

FreakOut Native is the first native advertising platform in Asia.

Native advertising is where sponsored content fits seamlessly within its surrounding environment, following the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

It engages the audience instead of disrupting the user experience.

Why FreakOut Native

  • FreakOut Native is customized to fit each site’s layout so as not to disrupt the user experience.

  • Low bounce rate and long session duration on landing page will drive users’ next actions.

  • We can also offer rich native formats which realise interactive communication with users.

FreakOut Rich Media

Rich Media can include multiple contents and advanced features like video, audio, or other elements in a single ad space.

It is a perfect format for making your ads stand out from numerous other ads and encouraging users to click and engage with your ads.

Why FreakOut Rich Media

FreakOut Rich Media offers a wide variety of unique templates to choose from, and we will work with you to find the format that best fits your campaign goals. You can even customize your own creative from scratch.

FreakOut Social

FreakOut Social is a solution to utilize your social media posts as advertising creatives for display campaigns.

We will help you to extend reach and engagement of your social media posts by boosting them on premium publishers network across Asia.

Currently, we support Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Why FreakOut Social

  • FreakOut Social does not require advertisers to prepare new creatives. All you need to launch campaign is the URL of your social post and landing page.

  • 64%* of online touch points with consumers are outside of social media. FreakOut Social helps you to safely extend the reach of your social media posts across premium sites. *Source: Digital 2020 Global Overview Report

  • According to the test campaign, FreakOut Social has shown effective results in achieving 5x longer in-view time spent on video ad format, compared to the same video content on social infeed ads.

Features common to all formats

Media Buying Method

We support IO-based fully managed services as well as programmatic media buying through major DSPs (TTD, DV360, etc.)

Brand Safety Controls

FreakOut takes serious consideration of data privacy and ad-verification issues that may pose threats to users hence we’ll continue to add features and collaborate with partners to address these issues.

Trusted by 1,500+ brands globally

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