Maximize Relevance and Minimize Wasted Video Ad Spend
With Our Next Gen In-Video Contextual Intelligence Platform

Are your YouTube ads delivering the results that you are looking for?

Without GP15%of delivery on aligned content
With GP95%of delivery on aligned content

GP’s technology allows marketers to navigate YouTube’s vast and complicated video ecosystem with advanced brand-safety features. We leverage AI and machine learning across billions of videos on YouTube to accurately analyze, target, and serve ads to a highly relevant and engaged audience.

  • higher on-site engagement

  • of campaigns experience brand-lift

  • countries and 24 languages

  • videos analyzed per campaign

Normal Settings

  • Irrelevant AdsDelivering ads that are unrelated to the content being consumed
  • Brand Safety is at Stake Brand safety is not guaranteed because decisions are made based on partial information
  • Wasted Impressions Ads may garner high impressions but not necessarily be seen if delivered on certain types content

YouTube Video Content Analysis

It is now possible to identify and deliver ads on content that is safe and highly relevant to your brand

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4 Benefits

GP significantly improves user sentiment and brand relevance by detecting and avoiding content that is not suitable for your brand. Our next- gen technology is able to understand content at a more granular level, and can therefore deliver more effective messaging for your brand, in a safe and suitable environment.

  • Deliver ads on highly relevant videos using GP technology

    GP conducts advanced analysis by combining video content (brand conversation) and video description information (video title, description, release date, number of views, etc)

  • Prevent brand damage with sophisticated understanding of content

    GP’s in video contextual signals goes beyond traditional measures of detecting undesirable content and allows for highly customized brand safety/suitability measures.

  • Added Convenience with one-stop support system

    GP provides end-to-end support throughout the campaign from pre-campaign planning to campaign execution and regular reporting

  • Eliminate Wasted Impressions

    GP removes a majority of misaligned content from a brand’s campaign. This prevents wasted ad spend on audiences who will never interact with your message.

Achieve Brand Suitability Using GP

The problem with conventional YouTube video ad distribution is that although the numbers are good, the ad may not actually be seen or may be placed on irrelevant content, damaging brand image. GP uses contextual targeting based on advanced video analysis technology to deliver your ads to the users you want to reach and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

GP DeliveryContextual Targeting Regular Trueview DeliveryAudience Targeting
Complete audience rating and unit price Advertisements are delivered on relevant content with high visibility Targeting based on consumption habits with no focus on content relevance
Brand Safety Guarantee Before Ad Placement It is possible to determine and control delivery destination before delivering the ad It is difficult to control the content that the ad is published on
Whitelist Delivery Granular video-ID level targeting Channel ID targeting only

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