FreakOut Partners with Acacia Blue for SB22’KL to Highlight the Importance of Sustainability

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: FreakOut, a leading marketing technology company in APAC, is utilising native advertising to shine a light on sustainability and spread awareness about the Sustainable Brands 2022 KL Conference (SB’22KL), convened by Acacia Blue, a part of the Invictus Blue Group. Sustainability is a value that resonates with FreakOut at a core level, making this a truly meaningful partnership.

Sustainable Brands is the global premier community of dedicated innovators and change-makers working to help create a sustainable economy. The community, formed over a decade ago, presently engages over 1 million brand innovators worldwide – including global brands such as Disney, Google, and Microsoft. 

 Acacia Blue, in partnership with Sustainable Brands US, will convene the Sustainable Brands Conference for the seventh time in KL this 21st and 22nd of June. The theme for SB’22 KL is “Build Back Better – Learning from our past in designing a more sustainable future”. The conference, which will take place virtually, will be attended by some of the world’s top brands, most influential NGOs, Policymakers, and social enterprises coming together to explore how we should relearn the stories that have shaped our current reality, to write a better story of our future.

The 2-day conference will also feature over 25 top speakers and panellists who are knowledge leaders in their respective fields. These speakers will inspire, engage, and motivate attendees with their insights. Among them are Firdaus Jonid, Managing Director of Invictus Blue, Pavithra Ram, Impact Navigator at Tony’s Chocolonely, and Dorothy Shaver, Global Food Sustainability Director of Unilever. 

FreakOut’s participation in this initiative stems from its shared vision of a sustainable future. FreakOut is driving awareness about the conference through its flagship native advertising solutions. Native ads are well positioned and easy to read and understand. These ads have a look and feel that cohesively matches the site layout, encouraging users to engage with and absorb the content – indeed a sustainable method for maintaining an enhanced user experience while delivering consistent performance to advertisers.


Kelvin Tan, Regional Director of FreakOut Malaysia

FreakOut believes that brands have a social and environmental obligation to keep the best interest of our environment and future at heart. We should align ourselves and our businesses accordingly. The Sustainable Brands Conference plays an important role in facilitating a global dialogue on these crucial matters, and we are raising awareness for this initiative the best way we know how – through native advertising.

Tickets for SB’22KL are available for purchase at

For more information on the conference, visit Do note that the Sustainable Brands KL 2022 Conference is HRDF claimable.



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FreakOut is a global marketing technology company with programmatic solutions (DSP, SSP) that delivers in-feed display and video formats across global publishers. Headquartered in Singapore, FreakOut has 10 offices across 9 countries which include Malaysia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. FreakOut is a part of FreakOut Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:6094) and oversees the investments for FreakOut. For more information, visit


About Acacia Blue

Acacia Blue is a purpose-led strategic communications and brand consultancy, established in 2013 to connect brands with communities, via their higher social and developmental goals. Our belief is that businesses can do well AND do good, creating profit through purpose. At Acacia Blue, we partner with brands to transform their conventional corporate social responsibility activities into opportunities for delivering sustainable social impact.


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