VTV Entertainment allies with FreakOut to serve as the primary partner for programmatic digital video and OTT inventory.

FreakOut Vietnam is pleased to announce the partnership with VTV Entertainment, one of the leading Over-the-top (OTT) channels in Vietnam to offer their video ad inventory programmatically. This collaboration enables advertisers to reach the premium audience on VTV Entertainment with seamless experience via instream pre-roll and mid-roll video ad formats through FreakOut SSP.

VTV Entertainment is the leading OTT channels in Vietnam with over 67M page views monthly. All the video content produced and licensed by Vietnam National Television. Its traffic is characterized by high engagement with user session durations as long as average 38 minutes.

“We are proud to empower VTV Entertainment’s programmatic video advertising from both sides of the system and demand provision. At the same time, we are confident to offer a premium, brand-safe, and even effective ad inventory for advertisers.”, says Sky Chen, General Manager – FreakOut Vietnam.

In addition, Mohitosh Negandhi, Director, Programmatic Business – FreakOut Pte. Ltd. says “Based on the high-quality content on VTV Entertainment, our advertisers get access to premium audiences and have a much better Ad performance. As a result of the massive reach and engaged audiences, we see an above benchmark performance on metrics such as VTR and audible viewability, owing to which VTV Entertainment and FreakOut have successfully delivered outstanding numbers for global brands.”

Meanwhile, Ken Yamane, Executive Officer – FreakOut Holdings, inc. says, “FreakOut provides VTV Entertainment, one of the best advertising platforms which we directly integrate with global DSPs such as The Trade Desk (TTD) and Google’s Display & Video 360. With demands from global agencies and brands, we are expanding the premium OTT inventory to drive the ad revenues. Further with global standard measurements enabled such as DoubleVerify, MOAT and IAS, FreakOut SSP grants our advertisers a safe and transparent environment.”

About FreakOut

FreakOut is a global marketing technology company with programmatic solutions (DSP, SSP) that delivers in-feed display and video formats across global publishers. Headquartered in Singapore, FreakOut has 11 offices across 9 countries which include China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. FreakOut is a part of FreakOut Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:6094) and oversees the investments for FreakOut. For more information, visit https://www.freakout.net/.

About VTV Entertainment

VTV Entertainment is a popular OTT App that provides exclusive entertainment content from Vietnam National Television. The interface follows the latest flat design, Full HD standard transmission technology, daily updated content, optimized for each individual and device, suitable for all ages. Since 2017, VTV Entertainment has been prioritizing the user experience with personalized content and streaming quality. In 2019, VTV Entertainment achieved 300K CCU on App with the successful series “Về Nhà Đi Con”. With more and more quality content added, nowadays VTV Entertainment reaches average 3.6M of active users and over 67M page views monthly on site, as well as over 100M weekly engagements on its Facebook Page, well known as one of the top leading OTT channels in Vietnam.


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